Fred Adell - Wildlife Artist Pigs Sculpture (fired clay, paper-mache, acrylic)
"(Domestic) Swine!" Pig (Sus scrofa scrofa)
Sculpture (fired clay, paper-mache, acrylic)
4 " x 6 " x 10 "

Fred Adell - Wildlife Artist Pigs acrylic on canvas panel
Sold DotThis Little Piggy -- Domestic Swine (Pig) - Sus scofa scrofa
acrylic on canvas panel
18 "x 24 "

Descended from the Euarsian Wild Swine (aka "Wild Boar ") Sus scrofa (various subspecies) , found from Spain and North Africa to India and China.

Donated to the Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce Annual Gala October 2018

Exhibited at Fort Totten January 2019, received Honorable Mention. Neill Slaughter (judge) wrote:

"One cannot help but smile while viewing this whimsical, wacky work, full of nervous energy and evocative gesture. The pig pulsates with playful mar-making, ad the staccato rhythm is consistent throughout the entire painting, indicating an individualistic " hand writing" of the artist who clearly has a singular vision of an outsider, as f inspired by someone like Van Gogh or Ensor or Soutine and other expressionist artists on the periphery of the mainstream in art history.
Fred Adell - Wildlife Artist Pigs
This Little Piggy at Fort Totten with Honorable Mention